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Monochromes - Again

Print Fever

"Buy less, choose well" - Vivienne Westwood
There aren't really any style lessons in this post. I'm sorry. I just want to show off this really, really, lovely (if i may say so myself) blue print maxi dress that was gotten from  Things Nigerian Love, here.
If you're resident in Calabar, you can also get it from Leyi Ush Style House,here

Because I am insanely in love with vibrant prints, I knew I had to get this dress the moment I saw it. Thankfully, my birthday was around the corner and it was graciously gifted to me. Thank you best friend! (Not you Grace, the other one).
Print outfits are defintely a must-have. While everything in fashion is constantly phasing out and phasing back in, you can always, always make a style statement wearing prints. They're timeless classics.
Also, with the right accessories, you can take a simple print outfit from a day wear to a date wear in a couple of minutes or less. So, Go Prints!
I was going to style a classic vintage th…

Cold-Shoulders And Culottes

"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud!" - Coco Chanel
Alright, let's jump on this Cold-shoulder trend real quick before it phases out and goes to waste in my wardrobe like the thousand and one pieces that were hot just a couple of minutes ago.
I mean, just a year or two ago, we were strutting about in crop tops baring our mid-riffs. Now, it's an anathema to own one, least of all, be caught wearing one.
Fashion is so beautifully dynamic but yet so ephemeral.
I've never really been one to bare my shoulders. Apart from the fact that my decolletage is awfully shy, my beauty bones are very beautifully prominent.
But, there's a first time for everything right? I'm even donning a choker for the first time ever. It's uncomfortable, (do you people eat with these things on?) but not bad.
Did you know that culottes have a feminist background? They became popular in Victorian England for allowing daring ladies to secretly wear shorts whil…

Palazzo Perfect II

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them" - Marc Jacobs
I'm actually a little bit obsessed with palazzo pants. Well, to be fair, I'm obsessed with every comfortable piece of clothing. I want to be able to breathe, I want to be able to run (don't ask me why I'd need to run), and I definitely want to be able to eat as much as I would  love to without exposing my beer, err, pot belly.
I did an earlier post here on how to style these wide-legged pants, but today, I narrowed it down to two different palazzo pants to achieve two very different looks.
For the first look, I have on a tribal palazzo print pant paired with a fitted black corset which is tucked in to achieve a svelte allure.
And for the second look, I aimed for a very relaxed, casual and slouchy look. I'm not entirely sure I pulled off this look but I wasn't about to waste these pictures, so look at them! LoL!
These pants are pretty perfect for a number of occasions; To work, on dates …

The Liebster Award

Ehn, don't get too excited. It's not an award award. The Liebster award is a way to recognize or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere.
The beautiful Ifeoma ofWhoWhatFab graciously nominated me and I'm expected to answer the following questions. So, here goes;

What are you most grateful for? I'm most grateful and thankful for life, for love and for happiness.

What inspired you to start your blog? I've always loved writing. My mum tells me stories of how much I wrote when I was a kid. Sometimes, just scribbling unintelligible words. I've also almost always loved fashion. I figured a fashion blog would be the perfect way to marry both interests and voila! DiveIntoMauve.

What three words best describe you? Funny, Hilarious and Witty. No, I'm not lying.

Do you get writers' block and if so, how do you deal with it? More like, do I ever NOT get writers' block. I had one last week, I'm having one right now and I'm pretty certain I&…

Short Sets

"Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music" - Micheal Kors

I never would have thought that a time would come when i would outgrow my obsession with skimpy clothes.
Growing up, I wore the shortest clothes. Probably because I was so skinny (lol, yes, I used to be even skinnier than I am now), I thought I could get away with anything. And I did. Well, until the one day I decided to wear a pair of shorts to the market.
If you're familiar with Nigerian markets, then you're no stranger to cat-calls. I got a lot of cat-calls that day. As well as calls "to give my life to Christ", "you've come to make men sin" calls and a host of other unprintable ones. One minute, I was skipping along, feeling very good with myself; next, I was headed right back home in the opposite direction. What I went to buy didn't seem so important anymore. I think that kind of did it for me.
But short-sets are cute! Yes? They save you the stress of m…