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Monochromes - Again

Wanderlust || Obudu Mountain Resort

"Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" - Anonymous

Dive Into Mauve is solely a fashion and style blog but, I hope that you'll permit me to dabble a little bit into travel and maybe abstract photography sometime soon. 

I have a severe case of wanderlust and in time (Read as; with money), I plan to bring you pictures from around the world.

However, because charity begins at home, here is my experience in Obudu Mountain Resort, Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

For the longest time, I had wanted to make this trip. When the opportunity finally presented itself earlier this year, I was beside myself with excitement.

What I didn't envision is how far away it is. After about twelve hours (from Abuja) on the incredibly bad roads, every single muscle in my body ached. It seemed like the drive would never end. However, once we drove through the gates of the resort and started the steep climb on the intestine road to get to the mountains, I was so awed I forgot all my pains. I couldn't see much as it was already dark but I dare say I could feel the beauty. The ambience was calm and very serene, the air was cold and soothing. I felt like i was totally cutoff from the chaos of this here world.

The following day, we began our exploration at the Becheve Nature Reserve where just one trip on the canopy walk way made me realize that I'm actually scared of heights.

We went on to a hill from where we could see the mountains in all of their natural glory.
We saw the holy mountain next; where you can walk into the clouds, literally! This was very exhilarating.
The grotto was no less exciting.
Seeing the waterfall cascade into a natural pool all by itself was so beautiful, I wanted to dive in fully clothed (and I don't even know how to swim).

We also saw the Village Huts, so simple but so beautiful.

Both the cable car and the water park were closed-off to visitors. This was very disappointing to me considering that I had been looking forward to these.

The Obudu Mountain Resort is truly beautiful, albeit dilapidated from lack of proper care and maintenance.
Indeed, nature takes care of herself if left to her own devices.

Photographer/Travel buddy: LuminaEfx

Have you been to the Obudu Resort? What was your experience?
Never been? Would you love to visit sometime?
Do tell me in the comment section.

Until Next Time,
It's Tee


  1. Would love to visit sometime ooo. Absolutely beautiful!! I miss Donald Duke!!

  2. I was at the Mountain Resort three years ago.Loved it so much;the weather and how serene it was.
    I had one of my friends as company.We split the trip over two days-drove from Abuja to Makurdi,stayed the night and then drove from Makurdi to the Mountain Resort.That way, we didn't feel the stretch of the journey so much.
    I'd really like to go back there as soon as I've got enough(money) to.
    Quick one though. How much did it cost? What would you say makes a good budget for a trio there now? Been a while I've been there so the budget as I had may need to be adjusted if I'm to make a trip there soon.

    1. Ah! The weather and serenity is amazing.

      Do you plan to drive still? I'm not sure about how much you'll spend on fuel but room rates begin at N25,000. However, with a pleasant attitude and a smile, you can get them to reduce them.

      The food is about N1,500 a plate and there is no other means of getting meals within the resort.

      You'll need to pay to gain access into some of the sites. You'll need to pay your tour guide too. About N5,000 can cover these.

  3. The one time I went to The ranch, I was really young and all I remember was sweaters (because of the cold), family (because they were my only travel buddies for a long time) and distance (longest trip ever and within the same state too). So I was really sad when my bestfriend went without me as I hope to go again as an adult so I can store it somewhere in my brain or laptop..
    Now, you should travel more and make the rest of us wanderlust or experience new places through your eyes..
    Btw, you look like Obudu is a Summer town. I envy you for that!! Love the pictures.
    I type too much

    1. Lol, apparently I didn't envision the cold. Trust me, I was shivering behind the smiles.

      Thank you darling. Thank you reading and typing too much. Lol.

  4. Girl it's all good. Definitely love the spice of travel and photography.
    Love the pictures, quality is amazing. Nope I've never been, but hopefully today is the year (Amen).
    Let's talk bout your jacket, I need it in my life.. Girl release it. Your outfit is amazing, I would be waiting for my jacket oh

    1. Amen!You really should visit. Better now than later before the man-made structures get even worse from wear and wear.

      Looool! Thank you love. You can have the jacket.

    2. Amen!You really should visit. Better now than later before the man-made structures get even worse from wear and wear.

      Looool! Thank you love. You can have the jacket.

  5. Baby the sky is your stepping stone.
    I see you flying someday.
    Nice one....

  6. I have always wanted to go here, have to do that soon. Ps; your pictures create wanderlust.

    1. You really should go. It's an amazing place. Thank you Pamela and thank you for stopping by.

  7. Babe, you need to increase the size of your pictures to X Large or original size.
    Just click on the photo in the section where you edit and the different size options will show up on the left hand side.
    Obudu looks like South Africa o, So beautiful!!!!

    Tuke's Quest

    1. For some reason, it's just not working for me. They're all in their original sizes.


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