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Pink Pastels x Sheye Oladejo

"...Baby, that we all want, we all need, fashion..." - Jon Bellion
Hello everyone! I recently got an offer for a partnership with Nigerian women-wear brand, SheyeOladejo.
They're especially known for evening wears, custom tailoring services and bridal wears. Their contemporary label is called 'Scqueeze' and this post features two pieces from their recent collection, 'Backbone'.
You'll see a lot more of posts like this because guess who is SheyeOladejo's muse for six months? Yay! Me!
Now, I've never really been a fan of pink. Probably because it's so soft and feminine and girly and I'm not really about that life. However, my prejudice doesn't stop me from appreciating the beauty that is pink. From fuchsia to its pastels like flamingo, rouge, crepe and watermelon; It is such a beautiful and flattering color.
My favorite ways to style pastels are; Monochromatic(which is different shades of one color), Mixed pastels(which would create a…

Thoughts on The Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016

"You can never be overdressed" - Oscar Wilde

The Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2016 just came to a close and although I didn't get the chance to attend, I experienced it vicariously via my Twitter and Instagram timelines.
I must say that I'm extremely impressed with the Nigerian Fashion Industry. It is amazing to watch the collective efforts (by Designers, Retailers, Models, Digital influencers and Bloggers) that has ultimately put Nigeria on the World fashion map.
I had my fill of fashion for the year by just watching and taking in the amazing outfits from enthusiasts who attended the four-day event and pieces from the various designers who showcased at the event.
It is safe to say that in fashion this season, we're looking forward to trends like; structured cut-outs, exaggerated hemlines, elaborate sleeves, ruffles, thigh-high slits and deconstructed necklines.
For colors, our palettes will range from pastels and neutrals (as shown by designers like Style Templ…