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Monochromes - Again

Pink Pastels x Sheye Oladejo

"...Baby, that we all want, we all need, fashion..." - Jon Bellion

Hello everyone! I recently got an offer for a partnership with Nigerian women-wear brand, SheyeOladejo.

They're especially known for evening wears, custom tailoring services and bridal wears. Their contemporary label is called 'Scqueeze' and this post features two pieces from their recent collection, 'Backbone'.

You'll see a lot more of posts like this because guess who is SheyeOladejo's muse for six months? Yay! Me!

Now, I've never really been a fan of pink. Probably because it's so soft and feminine and girly and I'm not really about that life. However, my prejudice doesn't stop me from appreciating the beauty that is pink. From fuchsia to its pastels like flamingo, rouge, crepe and watermelon; It is such a beautiful and flattering color.

My favorite ways to style pastels are; Monochromatic(which is different shades of one color), Mixed pastels(which would create a soft yet bold look), Mixed with neutrals(which makes the pastel piece pop) and Mixed with brights.

For the following two looks, I picked two of my favorite styles; Monochromatic and Mixed with brights.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is basically sticking to one color throughout your outfit. The co-ord set already set the tone. I added a pair of pink poms in a slightly darker shade to keep it going.

Mixed With Brights
For the second look, I added a pair of bright red heels to this pink skirt-set. This adds a little edge to the softness of the look.

There are really no rules to styling pastels because just about anything works. Do keep the following in mind though.

Accessorize. Ironical coming from me considering I don't wear accessories right? Accessories however, turn basic ensembles into statement looks and for a pastel palette, you don't want to risk looking washed up.

Don't overdo it. Keep your hair and makeup simple because pastel hues are soft and feminine. You don't want your makeup to overpower your outfit.

You can get both outfits and more via SheyeOladejo's Instagram page HERE, or you can send them an EMAIL.

Did you like this post? Which outfit was your favorite? How do you style your pastels? Do share with me in the comment section.

Until Next Time,
It's Tee


  1. Congratulations girl! Both outfits are very beautiful, but I love the first outfit most.

  2. Congrats lovr but damn thr first look is everything. Screams comfort and style, so so me.
    You look gorgeous, oshey muse lol

  3. Wow! Congrats on the partnership girl!! Success only! I luurrrvveee d second look! I only wish i could pull off cold shoulders. Love u girl

  4. I really can't decide on which one I love more.... But you look absolutely gorgeous in both.

  5. The first look has to be my favorite, I love the variations of pink and the pop of red in the second look is a nice addition. I see the buckle look is a signature of the brands. Looking forward to seeing how you wear more of this collection.

     Princess Audu 

  6. Gush! I loveeee the second look. Just luv the fitting and figure-hugging ish there plus the color is so on-point. I'm not really a pinky person either but this just made me appreciate that color so well. Kudos on your endorsement girl, good one.

  7. Contrats... They are nice

  8. You look good on both dear. But I prefer the second look.

  9. Gosh, the pink off-shoulder gown be calling my naaameee. Too cute. You are beautiful and you slay effortlessly!
    Laitanbee Blog

  10. Congrats, dearie. I so much love the first outfit.

  11. love the first outfit more. Really nice. Tums up Tee


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