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Monochromes - Again

Bell Bottoms & Bell Sleeves X Giveaway

"Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be"

Before we begin, the Ankara set featured in this post is up for grabs. The rules are embedded somewhere in this post, so stay with me.

Second and third on the list of trends (first being the slip dress) that I hope stay through 2017 are definitely bell bottoms and bell sleeves.

Bell bottoms, also known as flares in some circles have been around for quite a while. They moved into mainstream fashion in the 70s after Sonny and Cher wore them on their television show.

In 1996, they were reintroduced in different variations like the boot-cut and in 2016, they came back better with even more variations like the high-low bell bottoms.

For this post, I decided to style my Ankara bell bottom pants with an off the shoulder bell-sleeved top.
Both pieces are actually very easy to style; as a two-piece like I did here, or as separates paired with other pieces. In as much as they're very eccentric and not your typical go-to pieces, they're very versatile and can work with a lot of other wardrobe staples.

A few tricks to keep in mind while styling your bell bottom pants would include;
  • Keep it very skinny on top while letting it flare out at the knee. Well, unless you're Jennifer Lopez, then every and any thing goes.
  • The pants give a lot of length to the legs so try to keep your stilettos at medium height.
  • Keep it simple. Don't go overboard. It'd be easy to end up looking like a character from Gold Member and you definitely don't want that.

To win this outfit, all you have to do is tell us how you would style it (Either as a set or as separates) and where you would wear it to in the comment section. The winner will be picked at random and communicated in the next post. 

Good Luck,
It's Tee


  1. Oh gosh, I'm not that much of a style freak but my body would do this number a whole lot of good. I would wear it to either a wedding, a poetry or art event or church. Who knows I just might wear it to all three if I win. *fingers crossed*

  2. The outfit is so beautiful.
    For the Top, I will use a black pencil skirt and style it with a red pump shoe to church.
    For the trouser, I will wear a black off shoulder top tucked in with a flat sandals for a movie date with friends.
    As a set, I will wear it with a black pump shoe and a clutch purse to church or reception.

  3. Your picture locations are always cool, where do you use. As a set, I'd add a minimal necklace giving a soft church look. As a separate the pants can go with a crop top and a hat for a casual outing or a spaghetti/monostrap top layered over a blazer coat to create a work look. Thanks

  4. Bell bottoms are definitely back!
    I'll take just the top, pair it with three-quarter navy pants with sandals and be girl about town on a Saturday :)
    - Princess

  5. Yum is all I can say.
    I love how you educate us with your posts! Refreshing.

    Oreoluwa's Blog

  6. Ok, I would pair the off shoulder bell sleeve top with a high waisted black denim shorts (not too short, some inches below my hip bone)and a waist belt or with a midi pencil skirt that has a side slit, then I would pair the pants with a bralette top or a simple off shoulder top just like the one in the post but without the bell sleeves.

  7. baby tee,i see myself rocking the blouse with a straight fitted below kneel skirt to church, and a crop top wit trouser for an evening hangout, and both pairs for a wedding.

  8. Not really my style but you rocked it beautifully! Always looking forward to reading your stuff. More grace babe.

  9. Hi Tee!
    I'd rock the bell bottom with a sleeveless turtle neck and a scarf for an african inspired look as a casual outfit,
    I'd pair the top with a 3quarter length skirt and a single strap heel with some light jewelry for church,
    And as a pair its totally perfect with the right shoes for a wedding.

  10. not really my style cuz I know it won't fit me, but it's perfect for wedding. Nice one

  11. Bell bottoms yaaay! Love em..I'd pair mine with a white button down tee and court heels for a smart/formal look and the top would go nicely with jean shorts and gladiator sandals for a casual chic look!

  12. Wawuuuuu!!! To be honest when you hinted about this post on twitter I was expecting regular bell sleeves and flared pants rn I'm mind blown. If I do get to have this in my wardrobe I'll totally be styling it as seperates. I see me incorporating a lot of denim too. The top would mostly be worn to work perhaps on Fridays with a pencil skirt and on weekends I would switch it up with jeans and comfy flats. The pants are really tricky yet I'll most likely wear them to a Fashion event or a classy outing with friends. I'll totally pair it with a cami top and denim jacket for a laid back look or switch it up with a simple top and sandal heels for a classier look. My fingers are crossed on this one. Let's see how it pans out :D

  13. Your eye for anakra peice though, I just love this set. I'd proabably style the top with a flared skirt to create more drama thenn add a pop of colour. For the bottom I think something plain like a white blouse, crop top or turtle neck top. Though I probably would'nt be able to fit in this set since you're smaller.
    Awesome giveway girl, you should have made the rules harders lol.

  14. Hi Tee, absolutely loving this set!
    I would pair the top with a royal blue or black tulle skirt and a pair of pastel-y sneakers.
    the bottoms I would style with a plain white tee and a statement neckpiece, if I am feeeling a bit dramatic, I just might go with a slightly oversize denim jacket/top with block-heeled snadals, because comfort.
    Oh, and I am small, so it would fit.Lol.
    Thanks for the opportuinity!

  15. I LOVE your outfit and i always love your choice of fabrics


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