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"The joy of dressing is an art" - Diana Vreeland

Hi everyone! In my New Year Post, I promised you some collaborations eh? I'm making good on that promise so here's what Sarah Audu of and I got up to last weekend.

Also, the winner of our last week's giveaway will be announced in this post, so stay with me.

Sarah and I had actually been in talks for a collaboration since last year but for some reason, our schedules never quite agreed.

Last weekend, our stars finally aligned and we decided to show you how to wear Vintage like a style star.

We met up somewhere around Maitama District Hospital because we wanted to use the telephone booth there for props. But true to Abuja's faux airs and graces, we were told off from taking pictures there. We drove around for a bit until we found a cluster of foliage that worked just fine.

Between posing and generally getting the pictures to work, Sarah and I had quite a nice time hanging out. Sort of felt like we were old buddies catching up. Big deal for me considering that I'm really shy and always totally awkward at first meetings.

I love how we both interpreted the theme very differently. Sarah opted to pair her Vintage shirt with a red midi skirt and I decided to style my Vintage shirt (from Retrocode, here) with a pair of mom jeans (from Vintage Closet9ja, here) and my Adidas sneakers (from Shoesareus here, which you're going to be seeing an unhealthy lot of).

Apparently, moms really do know best. After decades of bring the subject of derision, mom jeans are now a thing. A very fashionable thing too.

They're extremely comfortable and very versatile as they can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any occasion. Honestly, this piece just went all the way to the top of my favorite tends.

A few other ways to style your mom jeans are;

Pair with stiff jackets and coats to give off an androgynous vibe.

Make cut-outs or cuffs at the hem to show off your calves and give it a relaxed and casual feel.

Pair with heels to dress it to the nines.

Baggy sweaters and jumpers add a sophisticated 80s feel.

Throw on a button down shirt and a tailored blazer to make it work appropriate.

Quite frankly, you can almost do no wrong with mom jeans.

However, do remember to define and accentuate your waist with a belt (or just make sure that the waist line is tight enough). Mine is loose, I know. Just do as I say and not as I do.

After careful consideration, the team picked Ebun Bello to be the winner of the Ankara bell-bottom and bell-sleeve set. (Kindly send us an Email with your delivery address please.) They put into consideration uniqueness of comment and the size of the outfit. (I'm ridiculously tiny).

In the future, we will tailor giveaway outfits specifically for their winners so that everyone has a fair chance.

What would you like to see on the blog this year? What fashion brands and bloggers would you recommend for collaborations? Do leave us a comment.

Thank you for participating,
It's Tee


  1. Hey... Its my first time commenting on ur blog... Great post I love the vintage theme. I would love you to do some collaboration with cassiedaves and grace Alex of t2pitchy. Thanks hope to see them soon...

  2. T2pitchy would be a cool collaboration mate, her style is cool. I like how you make vintage fun. So sad I didn't win the giveaway , hope to win someday. Congrats Ebun.

    1. Haha. Everyone seems to think so. I'll reach out to her then.

      Thank you Labake

  3. I would like for you to pour your hair in your next post babe...

  4. Love how you both showed how the vintage look can be styled formally and casually. xoxo!!!

  5. Nice collaboration. wonderful combinations. kudos to you both. I'm sure we are gonna see more this year.