Something for Valentines

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"What if all I am is the broken lyrics of a broken song on a a broken record held gently in the broken hands of a broken man? What if despite all that I was still the song that made you smile" - Tyler Knott Gregson

You know, I've never really understood the fuss about Valentines. I mean, why wait for one day out of 365/366 in a year to show love to a loved one?

Lol! I'm joking please. Does anybody have a spare Valentine that they're not using?

Now, is it just me or has just about every girl become obsessed with being in a relationship? It's okay to be single guys! There's no need to rush. Relationships will happen or not. And honestly, that's okay.

Until very recently, I didn't think myself to be an emotionally expressive person. I'd see my friends "ooh" and "ahh" over surprise gifts or visits, acts of service from their significant others and I'd just be like Nah! Non! Rah rah! Not me!

At this point, I think I'm even more emotional that everyone of them and frankly, that's not helping my street cred.

I've realized that words of affirmation are a pretty easy way to get to my heart. For some reason, I just want to hear how much I mean to you. Right after that is quality time then physical touch. I don't particularly care much about gifts; probably because, half the time, I don't even know what I want but don't let that stop you, go for it.

My outfit today is an oldie but hopefully, still a goodie. I did this shoot sometime early last year when circle skirts were still a thing and didn't quite know what to do with it. Styled with a basic black corset and maroon poms, I figured it just might inspire someone's Valentine outfit. 

So, what are ya'll doing today?

Happy Valentines,
It's Tee


  1. I've never really seen the fuss either girl but this probably has to do with my usual relationship status. Though like you words of affirmation has to be my love language and gifts too, especially those small gestures. Love this look, especially your skirt.

    Princess Audu

  2. Very lovely Tee and I want that outfit!!!!Get in touch

  3. I don't get the whole fuss too plus I'm not obsessed with being in a relationship. Sometimes I want a boyfriend and sometimes I'm like nahhhh. Everybody likes to hear nice things about themselves from someone else and who doesn't love gifts. Love the look you kilt it as usual. Thanks for the other day too Tee you made my month ��

    WanShyGirl ❤