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Monochromes - Again

Style Inspiration - Work Wear, Take 2 with Sarah Audu

Hey guys!
How are y'all doing?

So, I teamed up (again) with Sarah Audu of  Princess Audu for a Work Wear Collaboration post. 
You might remember her from our first collaboration here.
This year, I'm being more intentional about going out and extending my network both within and outside of the blogosphere. It's really interesting how much of an introvert I am considering that my online persona is somewhat outgoing.

Sarah is such a sport and incredibly gracious. She is such refreshing company so as expected, I have sneaked in an application requesting for her to hang with me more often. Lol! We'll see how that goes.

We went back and forth a couple of times trying to find common ground on items we both owned that would also be helpful content and we finally agreed on work wear.

I did a work wear inspiration earlier in the year here and I intend to do more because I have realized that you can't own too many work appropriate clothes considering that you would spend abo…

Color Blocking - A How To Guide

Hi everyone, how are you doing?
Is that an eye roll I see for a color blocking post in 2018? It better not be!

Interestingly, this is one of the first posts I thought of when I was still playing around with the idea of starting a Fashion and Style back in 2014. After I saw Sarah of Princess Audu's posthere, I remembered I had these pictures lying around and concluded it was finally time to bring this post to life.
I do realize that color blocking as a trend is pretty much in the past now but you will agree with me that figuring out what colors go with what is a life saving knowledge to have. Okay, maybe not lifesaving but you do get my point? Aha? Aha!
When posed with a varying array of colors to work into an outfit, your first thought would be to play it safe by pairing with solids such as black and white or neutrals such as beige and nude. But, that's hardly the extent to which you can go.
Let's dig in!
Using the color wheel as a rule of thumb, colors opposite each othe…