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Monochromes - Again

Denim - Two Ways With Belois Couture

Hi guys,
How ya'll doing?

This week (and in a few more to come), I will be collaborating with Omon Isinugben of Belois Couture to bring you contemporary women's wear for the African woman. I started to pay attention to Belois Couture when her Candy tulle top was making the rounds a couple of years ago. It was simple, fun, chic and classy. I remember making a mental note to buy it once I could afford it.

That never happened but you can imagine how pleased I was when Omon reached out to me to flesh out a collaboration.

Her brand is synonymous with structured silheouttes, exaggerated sleeves and hems, pleats, tulle and mesh and when she does print, they're bold and fiery.
Today, I'm easing in with two ways to make denim fancy because, denim is like fine wine. The older it gets, the better it becomes.
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Parisian - Styling a Beret

Hey guys! How ya'll doing?

The beret trend is one of those that I have looked at from afar with a healthy dose of uncertainty. I mean, I have always admired it on others but I wasn't quite sure I wanted to try it.

The thing is, I don't like them. You can rightfully say that I don't like head gears of any kind but my beef with berets run deep.
We wore berets back in secondary school and we wore the most unflattering colors - some 'cockroachy' brown and a blue. Because it was a Catholic school, we had to always wear one. That also meant that you needed to always have one of each. Problem is, I kept losing mine so I kept getting into trouble until I resorted to buying at least three every term in preparation for when I would lose one.

Having dealt with enough trauma from (not) wearing berets, I was comfortable with just watching from the sidelines. Well, until this year.

As with almost every other fashion accessory, a beret has the ability to take your outfit fro…